Widgets for Rails

Dragndrop 200

Forget about your cluttered RJS code. Throw away the messed up partial collection that gets out of control. Make your controllers slim, again. And dump your AJAX wire code and its countless routes!

Portlets 200

Apotomo is a true MVC widget framework for Rails. Widgets are based on Cells and provide reuseable view components. Having bubbling events, they know when and how to update themselves via AJAX!

Working with Apotomo widgets almost feels like developing GUI components – in a Rails environment.

Getting started

Make better software

  • Apotomo improves your software architecture.
  • Helps writing bullet-proof sustainable widget tests.
  • No merges! Teams can work on separate components.

More features

  • Have bubbling events from your browser in Ruby.
  • Javascript agnostic. Use it with jQuery, Prototype, RightJS or YUI.
  • Make widgets stateful where it helps.

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